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This is a folder of samples of some of the templates that I have used for my Team and Individual Photo Projects. They all have the ability to be customized and adapted to your team / organizations Colors. If you have any questions, you can reference them by the number in the upper right corner of the picture.
Ascend - Cross CountryBallpark - SoftballBaseline - BaseballCMHS One Team Sample (Michael Joyce)Coyote 18 Indoor - BasketballCoyote 18 Indoor Basketball 2Coyote 19 Indoor BaseballCoyote 19 Indoor BasketballCoyote 19 Indoor SoccerCoyote 19 Outdoor GolfELMO Boys Basketball Ascend Template 1ELMO Boys Basketball Ascend Template 3ELMO Boys Basketball Ascend Template 4ELMO Girls Basketball Ascend TemplateELMO Softball Play Ball Template 1ELMO Softball Play Ball Template 2Fresh Paint BaseballFresh Paint CheerFresh Paint SoccerFresh Paint Softball